Our life experiences can cause emotional and even physical pain.  Some chapters are difficult to navigate and we need the presence of an attuned person to make sense of our story. Managing on your own can often leave you exhausted, anxious and/or depressed.  Trauma may have reduced your capacity to engage in pleasurable activities and trust others. Your struggles might seem too big or embarrassing and that’s why I am here.
When we are genuinely heard and emotionally held, our body and nervous system can begin to process. We can make sense of patterns that are not serving us. In turn, we make new patterns that are more suitable for what is important to us. If you are feeling exhausted, stuck, or like you are not being heard, therapy can help.  I work with a brain-body modality called Brainspotting in most of my work with clients.  Brainspotting works on parts of the brain in charge of memory, emotion and body sensation and reprocesses them with the guidance and support of the therapeutically attuned therapist. Even through telemental health, Brainspotting can be highly effective. This video explains in more detail.