Meet Angela

Photo credit: Travis Grimler, Echo Journal Newspaper
Each individual and family brings unique experiences, goals and desires to therapy, and I approach each person’s treatment with openness, unconditional positive regard and empathy. Much of my work focuses on the relationship and styles between parents and children and our adult attachment styles and how it impacts connections with others. This is delicate work and therefore, I hold the therapeutic environment with the utmost respect for your bravery in seeking out therapy. Often, therapy is symptom focused and it may not adequately address underlying issues, such as patterns that may not be serving you well. In this work, we will go deeper into the “why” and bring understanding to the pain, to shine light and newness to your life and/or your child’s life.
Over the past 10 years, I have worked with children ages 2 to 17 years old, young adults, individuals of all ages and families. A great deal of my work has been with people who are experiencing attachment disruptions, complex trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and grief and loss. Working in many environments including clinics, homes, schools, and the community has given me a broader understanding of how systemic issues affect our mental health. I am trained and certified in Brainspotting, a powerful intervention for trauma and other stressors one may be experiencing in which they cannot process and overcome on their own.
My degree in Clinical Social Work is from The University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University. I also had an immense opportunity to attend a 2 year post graduate training at the MN Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis where I studied attachment organization. Additionally, studying and becoming certified in Brainspotting has brought a deeper level of healing to clients. These modalities have been instrumental in my approach to therapy and learning the value and healing properties of attunement with another human being. I also hold a certification in Brainspotting and as a Registered Play Therapist.